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iPhone / iPad Application Development:

Do you have any innovative mobile app concept in your mind or Are you looking for an app to substitute or work in parallel with your existing applications? or Are you an established business and want to try your expansion into the world of mobile apps or If you have a need for any one of the above, you have reached the right place which helps you to enter into the world of mobile applications.

Our team’s familiarity with development resources like the Xcode developer package, Cocoa Touch frameworks, Xcode IDE, Interface Builder, Instruments for performance and behavior analysis, iOS simulators and graphics tools enable us to develop native to customized user-friendly, secure and instrument compatible applications.

We have a team of experts who can give life to your ideas and develop Apps for iPhone and iPad. Our mobile application development team consists of designers and developers who are well versed with the latest iOS version and experts in mobile UI designing and development. Since all our programmers are from a web design background, it helps us to establish a web service and develop apps based on it. Most of the apps we developed are running with the help of web services, so maintaining your apps or updating is going to be very easy for us.The Application can also be bundled with PhoneGap, which is platform independent and can be used in iOS and Android platforms.

The mobile application space in the market has been growing faster with every year. iPhone and iPad have been in the limelight of such a growth by redefining application boundaries with the App store and the amazing apps it has. This has created new industry standards in the smartphone marketplace and a huge rush for developers. Our iOS mobile application development team is constantly supported by our Testing Team who are immensely knowledgeable in testing mobile apps in various scenarios. We test all our apps on various devices which have varying display screens. For apps which runs on web services, we test through Unit Testing, Load testing and Functional Testing.

iPhone devices have inhabited our reality and mobile market user affinity is constantly growing and the number of solutions in the Apple App Store is rising exponentially. iOS loyal fans make up one of the largest segments of Smartphone and tablet users.

Our iOS expertise team has tremendous experience in developing iOS apps which fall under the following categories:

  • Voice Recognition (Google API, Nuance, iSpeech, Sensory)

  • TTS – Text to Speech
  • STT – Speech to Text
  • Location Services

  • Tracking user using GPS coordinates
  • Google Map Route Integration
  • Device Motion Speed
  • Payment Processing

  • eProcessing Network, Paypal & Authorize .NET
  • In-App Purchase
  • NFC (Near Field Communication) and Face Recognition

  • Bluetooth Communication (Printing, Voice Recognition, etc)

  • Dynamic Graphics – Core Plot Header lib framework (iOS) & Chart Engine(Android).

  • Bulk Image Handling during server communication

  • Development of Customizable SDK & Code Libraries

  • Cross platform Development (PhoneGap, Senchatouch, Xamarin & Rhomobile)

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